Franchise Law

Franchise Law

When you franchise a restaurant, a fitness facility, a retail store, or any other business, you are subject to a specific set of laws and regulations. Franchise laws may govern the sale of franchises, the termination of franchises, and many other common legal issues that arise in any franchise relationship.

What’s Considered a Franchise?

A business may be considered a franchise when the business’s owner is granted the right to use another company’s trademarks, logos, and name in conducting the business. The company granting the use of the marks and name usually has instructions of guidance for the running of the business. Many companies that franchise to individual owners will, for instance, retain the right to approve the location of the business, dictate its hours of operation, and exert control over basic operations, including sales techniques, the business equipment and software used, promotions and training.

Seattle Franchise Attorney

When you have a dispute regarding a franchise agreement, or believe the other party has broken the contract, you need an attorney with experience in the complicated area of franchise law. Howard R. Morrill has an extensive experience representing clients dealing with franchise disputes.

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